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Portable Cattle Yard to Accelerate Cattle Vaccination and Identification in Sumbawa Island, West Nusa Tenggara


In August 2023 the Partnership, in collaboration with University of Mataram and supported by the Sumbawa District Government, launched the Portable Cattle Yard (PCY) initiative in the three districts in Sumbawa Island, aiming to support the Ministry of Agriculture’s cattle identification and vaccination program.

The initiative has proven to be very effective. More than 10,000 cattle owned by 500 farmers have been vaccinated and tagged using the PCY. Animal health technicians can now complete almost 200 cattle vaccination and ear tagging in one location in a couple of hours – a task that previously took a couple of days and where injuries were common. The inherent safety of the PCY is encouraging more female veterinarians to be involved in the government’s vaccination program. Local governments are also saving approximately 60% in vaccination operational costs. Following these successful results, the Partnership has expanded the use of PCYs to other regions. This includes East Nusa Tenggara Province which has extensive grazing areas that are highly suitable for PCY use.