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Pregnancy Test Training for 30 Paramedics from 14 Provinces


Partnership in collaboration with Singosari Artificial Insemination Centre (BBIB Singosari) held a Technical Guidance on Pregnancy Testing for 30 inseminators/paramedics representing 14 provinces in Indonesia in Malang, Central Java, on 20 November-7 December, 2023.

Participants were trained on:

- Reproduction, Pregnancy, and Cattle Recording,

- Frozen semen distribution flow, Introduction to Reproductive Disorders,

- Quality and Handling of Frozen Semen in the Field, and Field Practice

The training aims to improve the technical skills of inseminators/paramedics in the efficiency and accuracy of cattle pregnancy tests.
It is expected that RMCP's contribution through this training can support the Ministry of Agriculture's Directorate General of Livestock and Animal Health Services program to increase the cattle population in Indonesia.