E-update January 2019

Below are recent updates on the Partnership’s projects:
Project Updates
IACCB Update

The first phase of IACCB was finalised in January 2019. The program however has been extended for two years to February 2021. The extension will test the commercial sustainability of its eight projects and three cattle breeding models. It will also ensure that there is adequate time to effectively promote the proven commercial models to investors and government.

Mr Dick Slaney has also finished his assignment as the IACCB Team Leader. IACCB’s achievements are a direct result of Dick’s hard work and dedication. Dick’s replacement, Mr Paul Boon, commenced on 21 January and went through rigorous induction and handover process to ensure a smooth transition. Paul has extensive experience in managing community development and agriculture programs in Indonesia, and is committed to take the IACCB program to next level.   

For more information on the program, please visit http://iaccbp.org.

Commercial Cattle Breeding and Management Training

We are pleased to announce that applications for the Commercial Cattle Breeding and Management Training in April 2019 are now open. Applicants are required to apply online at http://redmeatcattlepartnership.org/training by 22 February.

Twenty participants from Indonesia’s cattle breeding industry will be selected to join the three-week program (two weeks in Indonesia and one week in Australia). They will learn about cattle breeding practices in both countries to improve their skills in commercial breeding operations

Partnership Administration Engagements
Mid-Term Review of the Partnership

As the Partnership steps into its fifth year of operations, a mid-term review is conducted to examine what had been achieved in Phase 1 (2013-2018) and determine areas for improvements and key priorities over the next five years. Throughout January, the review team (Mr David Goodwins and Prof Dahlanuddin) interviewed key Indonesian and Australian stakeholders to gather their feedback on the Partnership. The outcomes of the review will be presented at the 7th Partnership meeting on 22 February 2019 in Melbourne, Australia.

Partnership Newsletter

The Partnership has recently released its third Newsletter featuring key activities over the last six months. The newsletter is available for download at http://redmeatcattlepartnership.org/newsletter.

Please visit the website (http://redmeatcattlepartnership.org) and follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@IAredmeatcattle) to stay on top of the latest news and activities.

7th Partnership Meeting

The 7th Partnership Meeting will be held in Melbourne, Australia from 21-22 February 2019. The first day of the meeting will be an investment forum where members will discuss the opportunities, challenges and successes of investing in the red meat and cattle industry in Indonesia. The second day will focus on outcomes of the Partnership review and the Partnerships future priorities. A full debrief will be provided in next months, monthly update.

Upcoming Events
  • 13 February : Indonesian Partnership members meeting, Jakarta

  • 20 February : Joint Indonesian-Australian Industry Action Plan workshop, Melbourne

  • 21-22 February : 7th Partnership meeting, Melbourne