E-update June 2018

Below are recent updates on the Partnership’s projects:
Project Updates
Kalimantan (EK) Breeder Support Project’s Completion

On-the-ground support for the EK breeder support project was completed in March 2018. Over the last two years, the project has provided on-the-ground support and series of trainings to the smallholder farmer groups and Dinas officials on proper management of Brahman Cross cattle imported from Australia. The project team, supported by Ausvet, also trialled the use of ISIKHNAS (Indonesia’s animal health recording system) with farmers in Penajam Paser Utara and Paser districts of East Kalimantan. The Partnership Secretariat team are working to finalise the report on the project.

Best Practice Guide for the Transport of Cattle in Indonesia

The Best practice guide for the transport of cattle in Indonesia that was developed by the Partnership was released during the week of the Livestock Export Program (LEP) EXPO. The guide outlines best practices for handling cattle during transport and in the design and construction of transportation facilities. This guide will be disseminated to all Provincial Dinas Peternakan Offices across Indonesia and made available on the ISIKHNAS system. Downloadable versions in Bahasa Indonesia and English will also be available at http://iaccbp.org and the future Partnership website.

Progress of new project concepts

The Partnership is currently developing two new project proposals for consideration at the next Partnership meeting, i.e. Gap Analysis of Issues Constraining Indonesia’s Red Meat Processing Sector and Roadmap for Indonesia’s Commercial Cattle Breeding Sector. The two proposals were outcomes of the 6th Partnership meeting on Yogyakarta in August 2017 and are currently going through a review process where key stakeholders will be consulted to further progress the plans.

Communications Strategy

A draft Partnership Communications Strategy (2018-2020) was submitted to the Partnership Secretariat. The strategy aims at strengthening Partnership members’ engagement and promoting the success and progress of Partnership activities to broader stakeholders. The draft strategy was developed in consultation with key Indonesian and Australian stakeholders. It is currently being reviewed and finalised and will be circulated for consultation with Australian and Indonesian industry before the final draft is submitted for consideration at the next Partnership meeting.

Launch of the IACCB website

The IACCB website (http://iaccbp.org) is now live. The Partnership website is currently under development, with a view to going live by the end of August 2018.

IACCB Update

On 8-9 May, the IACCB team conducted training on the use of ISIKHNAS to measure cattle performance on a group basis at one of its partner sites (PT Cahaya Abadi Petani) in Pelaihari, South Kalimantan. The training was also attended by IACCB partners in Lampung (KPT Maju Sejahtera) and East Java (SPR Mega Jaya) to share their experiences in trialing the system in their respective sites.

On 9 April 2018, the Australian Partnership secretariat team travelled to Nakau, North Lampung and Metro, Central Lampung to visit PT Superindo Utama Jaya (SUJ) sites, which combines the breed lot and SISKA (cattle grazing under palms) models. The delegation visited the plantation in Nakau, in which the company grows weaner cattle and pregnant cows at low cost; and the breedlot site, in which they focus on producing calves.

For more information on the IACCB program, please visit http://iaccbp.org.

Commercial Breeding Training

As agreed at the Partnership’s Co-Chair meeting in Perth in November 2017, the Partnership’s Commercial Cattle Breeding and Management Program was held in Indonesia (2 – 14 April) and Australia (29 April – 5 May). Twenty staff from Indonesian feedlot and oil palm plantations that integrate cattle breeding into their operations participated in the training. The training is delivered by Australia Awards Indonesia in collaboration with Padjadjaran University, the Indonesia-Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding Program (IACCB) and the Advisory and Support Group (ASG).

In Indonesia, the program included site visits to three IACCB partners in South Kalimantan and Lampung and two other feedlots (PT. Great Giant Livestock and PT. Kadila Lestari Jaya). While in Australia, the participants learned practical knowledge and skills from research stations and cattle industry in Darwin and Katherine, facilitated by NTCA and NT Department of Primary Industry and Resources.

During the final session in Lampung, the participants (supported by GAPUSPINDO) reaffirmed their commitment to support commercial cattle breeding program in Indonesia by establishing a Breeding Management Officer network, a communication forum for breeding practitioners to support breeding program in Indonesia.

Visiting and Engagements

The Partnership participated at the LEP EXPO in Jakarta on 10-11 April 2018. More than 350 visitors attended the event, which included 25 exhibitors from Indonesian cattle industry product and service providers. The event was opened by Dr Fadjar Sumping Tjatur Rasa (Director of Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture) and Mr Allaster Cox (Chargé d’Affaires, the Australian Embassy in Jakarta).

At the event, the Partnership team presented an overview of the Partnership and the current status of its activities, the progress of Indonesia Australia Commercial Cattle Breeding Program (IACCB) and the Skills Development Program, including the NTCA Indonesia Australia Pastoral Program and the Commercial Breeding Training.

Visit to IACCB project site in South Kalimantan

On 22 May 2018 the IACCB Program Director, Mr Dick Slaney, accompanied a delegation of officials from the Indonesian Government to the IACCB pilot project owned by BUMP PT Cahaya Abadi Petani (CAP) in South Kalimantan’s Tanah Laut Regency. The site is one of IACCB’s semi-intensive grazing system pilots which involves grazing cattle on improved pastures and forage crops, combined with intensive breeding operations in cattle yards (breedlots). The officials from the Coordinating Ministry for Economy, the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the National Development Agency (BAPPENAS) were also accompanied by the Australian Embassy’s Agriculture Counsellor, Trish Gleeson, and First Secretary Trade, James Ghaeni. The delegation met with local officials, including the Acting Regent of Tanah Laut, and farmers involved in the IACCB pilot project. The visit was proposed by the Coordinating Ministry to learn more about the Partnership and how it can contribute to cooperation under the proposed Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA). After the visit to the project the delegation returned to Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan) for presentations and discussion of the IACCB and the Partnership more broadly, particularly in the context of IA-CEPA.

Upcoming Events
  • 4 – 6 July: Indolivestock Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Mid-Aug: 7th Partnership meeting, Brisbane, Australia