Partnership - IACCB Webinar Series Vol 1 - Commercial Potential of Cattle Breeding Models in Indonesia.

Beef production in Indonesia has been fluctuating since 2015, with the highest amount in 2016 with 518,484 tons. In 2019, the total production only reached 490,420 tons, while Badan Pusat Statistik (BPS) stated that in 2019, meat demand reached 686,270 tons, with demand for beef as much as 2.56 kilograms per capita per year.

The demand-supply shortage in beef is currently filled through imports of meat from various countries and import of Australian feeders for fattening. Indonesia is eager to produce more beef domestically, while also reducing import. A  possible solution is increasing cattle breeding to produce feeders locally.
Indonesia-Australia Cattle Commercial Breeding (IACCB) Program is piloting four models of commercial cattle breeding with 8 private partners (corporations and cooperatives/farmer groups) in  5 provinces in Indonesia. The  cattle breeding models include: 1) integrated oil palm and cattle production (SISKA); 2) a combination between oil palm and breedlot (Semi SISKA-Semi Breedlot); 3) open grazing, and 4) cut and carry as done traditionally by  smallholders..
The Partnership - IACCB Webinar Series Volume 1, will discuss whether the 4 cattle breeding models are potential and commercially viable for Indonesia? It will also analyse opportunities and challenges for each breeding model?

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